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UPDATED - - 8/14/2012


Intercontinental Arms Inc. "DAKOTA" .22 cal revolver, ser# 3266. It has a 5-1/2" barrel and is a very well made, full sized handgun, with Coyote Cap action job # 3,062. It is a perfect gun for inexpensive practicing with thousands of rounds of life left. This gun is NOT one of those cheaply made .22's with sleeved cylinders and barrels, it is in almost brand new condition with only cylinder scratches. It is as close to a full sized Colt Clone as you can get and you won't be sorry for buying it.


Price, $395 + S & H to your FFL      Sold



COLT,  Single Action Army,  .45 cal. ser.# S10673A, 4-3/4" barrel, hard rubber grips, 18k Gold lettering & numbering. Almost brand new condition with Coyote Cap action Job # 3,061

Price, $995 + S & H to your FFL   Sold




Kirkpatrick, custom leather. This holster and belt set was custom made to fit The .38 cal. Cimarron Lightning and Model "P" Jr., plus the Ruger New Model Single Six .32 cal. and .22 cal. revolvers. The holsters are very wide based with anti-ride-up tabs to prevent holster upward movement when drawing the revolvers. The belt is ergonomically designed for a lady and has two backside buckels made for a rear/center adjustment strap (3 different lengths of straps included). The belt buckels and tips are of sterling silver with matching studs and conchos. It has (8) 12 ga. cartridge loops on the front, with (3) .38 cartridge loops on either side of the shotgun loops. There is a leather strip under the loops to hold the shells in a higher position for easy of extraction and enough room for an Alias laser engraving under the loops. The set is custom designed in brown and black two-tones and is absolutely fantastic in function and looks.

Cost new from Kirkpatrick - - - $896

Your price:                                   $600

S & H to your home,                   $27.50

Your total price, delivered,        $627.50    Sold




RUGER - 3 screw revolvers. (not messed up or converted with transfer bar safeties yet)  These are outstanding original condition, with 4-5/8" barrels and action jobs to both. .38/.357 cal. Extremely low ser #'s 31-32338 & 30-64920 with black pearl handled grips with Texas Stars inlaid where the Ruger emblem should be.


The price for the pair:   $1,150.00

S & H to your FFL:          $ 29.50

Your total, delivered:       $1,179.50



RUGER Vaquero,  .357 cal. 4-5/8" barrel, ser# 58-52694

Converted to Full Race "Cougar", (action ser# 3,063) to look and operate exactly like a SAA Colt with fragile transfer bar removed, but still has safety same as a Colt, including trigger fully back in the triggerguard, slotted pins, 18k Gold lettering and numbering, damascened (jeweled) hammer and trigger, and beautifully laser engraved grip panels. The gun is still almost brand new.

Price,  $695.00 + S&H to your FFL Sold



Winchester M-97 (takedown) 12 ga. ser# 377606

This shotgun is still in very good condition, with it's original 30' Full Choked barrel, with lots and lots of beautiful patina from sitting in a closet for more than 80 years. The gun has been gone through by Coyote Cap to assure safe and reliable use, to include a new left extractor and ejector, modified (adjustable) mainspring and the whole forearm assembly has been upgraded from the old  (and problematic) 3-screw style to a new (E) model style including new wood. The chamber is 2-3/4" with a long forcing cone and mirror smooth chamber and bore. The buttstock, buttplate and bluing are in very good condition. This shotgun also has our magazine tube modification to hold (6) shells up the magazine for SASS Wild Bunch Competitions.

Price for the shotgun:   $625.00

S & H to your FFL:      $27.50

Your total, delivered:    $652.50     SOLD


RUGER, Vaquero a perfectly matched pair of .45's, ser#'s 55-07438 and 57-01767. Both revolvers are in outstanding condition and converted to our Full "Cougar" specifications, Coyote Cap action #'s 3,064 and 3,065.  Both have 18k Gold lettering and numbering, damascened hammers and triggers, slotted pins and Laser Engraved pistol grip panels.

Price, $695 each or the pair for $1195 + S&H to your FFL  Sold


NAVY ARMS, M-66,   .38 special, ser# 87432 with  a 24"

octagonal barrel, 5th generation short stroke kit, slick springs, aluminum carrier, Coyote Cap Full Race action job ser# 3,066, Marble #30W large white bead front sight and factory ladder rear sight, 18k Gold lettering and numbering, fully Damascened inside parts, including exposed trigger and hammer (similar to photos on home page), plus leather lever wrap and highly polished brass frame, buttplate and forearm end cap, with custom laser engraved forearm and buttstock. (photos shortly)

Price, $1,495 + S&H to your FFL Sold

STOEGER, M-66, .38 special Carbine, ser# W07073, with 19" rd. barrel, 5th generation short stroke kit, slick springs, aluminum carrier, Coyote Cap Full Race action job ser# 3,067, inserted large white front sight bead and factory rear sight, 18K Gold lettering and numbering, fully damascened inside parts, including exposed hammer and trigger (see photos on home page), plus leather lever wrap and highly polished frame, buttplate, with beautifully laser engraved forearm and buttstock - - (photos to come shortly).

Price, $1,395 + S&H to your FFL Sold

Coyote Cap M-97wcse-18, ser# 038702. This gun is one of the very hard to find "Full Race" shotguns that enjoy the best reputation in Cowboy Shooting for speed and reliability.

The gun has the usual choke tubes and recoil pad, all set up for Wild Bunch competition with the best of everything in an M-97.

Your price for the shotgun:      $850

S & H to your FFL:                  $27.50

Your total, delivered:               $877.50  Sold


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