Turning Ruger's into Couger's

All (standard) Ruger Vaquero, Bisley, Blackhawk, Single Six and New Model Vaquero "Premium" action jobs are $170 + $34.50 test ammunition and S&H  

Or you can opt for one of our NEW "Couger", conversions. It will turn your Ruger into a Couger, that looks, feels, handles and operates just like a Colt with the exception of the early bolt drop (which we retain for safety reasons) and Damascening (Jeweling) and 18K Gold filled lettering and numbering. The price of this full (5) click "Colt Style" conversion is $350.00 plus $34.50 for test ammunition and Shipping and Handling.

Our "Semi-Couger" conversion consists of a Full race Action job, 18k Gold lettering, plus a series of major modifications to the hammer and trigger combination, where the trigger is now all the way back in the triggerguard. Modified transfer bar, cylinder pin, ejector and springs, high polishing of contact parts, Damascening (Jeweling) of the hammer and trigger and adjusting the hammer and trigger pull and even slotting the hammer and trigger pins to make them look like screws. The total cost of this conversion (not including test ammo, S & H) is $200.

Our Premium "Full Couger" conversion consists of all of the above, but also includes a new Colt Style backstrap, triggerguard and real Colt grips and a new hammer and trigger. Both blued or stainless steel. The Premium conversion is priced at $525, (not including test ammo, S&H).


We also offer custom grip designs & Laser Checkering and Laser Engraving of the grips, by "Mogollon Drifter", and accuracy blueprinting.

Please call "Patience" in our sales office (507) 685-4500 for specific pricing on those items. .