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Coyote Cap M-93/97wcse-18

Competition Commemorative


 We have a new shotgun called the Coyote Cap M-93/97wcse-18 "Special Edition, 1 of 200 model". These shotguns were built as a Commemorative model, to honor the memory of our Father and Grandfather, (the real Coyote Cap who was a Master Gunsmith who passed away in 1965). As such, each new shotgun will eventually become a collectors item, as each of these guns has a distinctive 1 of 200 serial number, damascening (jeweling) and 18k Gold lettering and numbering. Because of our policy of "NO COMPROMISE" in Quality of our product, each gun is "Custom Built" and because of that fact, this process takes time as each new shotgun is carefully gone through to make sure of a very high standard, due to it's modernization in materials, strength, safety, reliability and period correctness.

These guns come from the factory with all the bells and whistles, (3) choke tubes, (Cyl., Mod., and Extra Full), that are "Commemorative", custom Made in America, stainless steel and laser engraved, plus the special shorter, slightly heavier (thicker) barrel for improved balance and a large #4 front sight bead and the shorter buttstock with a Pachmayr Sporting Clays Recoil pad installed for competition shooting with an AOA of -4 degrees and a 13" LOP.

Each gun was modified to hold (6), 2-3/4" 12ga. cartridges up the magazine tube for SASS Wild Bunch competitions.

Because these new shotguns were designed to improve the safety and reliability of shotguns used in SASS, that is where the market is. However, these shotguns are in fact 99% a model 97 and only made to look like a model 93.

There is no advantage to this gun in it's use in competition. If there is an advantage of any kind with this shotgun, it would be in the toughness, safety and reliability of the shotgun.  However, it cannot be loaded any quicker.



If you will notice in the below photo, the thickness of the frame material as compared to a Winchester and the exposed extractors. If you try and load a live round down through the 93 (look-a-like), stuck cartridge

extraction port, (that's right, EXTRACTION port), the extractors can catch on the rims of the cartridge and force the heavy shot laden front of the cartridge downwards and will  jam the gun.

The metal to metal measurement of these guns is exactly the same measurement as an M-97, 3"x 1".

Other notable differences in the M-93/97 to previous M-97's are the removal of the mag tube cartridge release buttons and replacement with large screws the same as the old C and D model Winchesters had. The reason for this reverse change is the fact that the little screws that hold the cartridge stops in later models, had a nasty habit of falling out while firing and jamming the gun. The idea of going back to Browning's designs (that worked) is what this gun is all about. Other changes include a change to tappered and tuned mainsprings and conversion of the old leaf spring left extractor to our Coyote Cap designed, factory coil operation.  This is a huge reliability factor.

There is another new firing pin design of ours that is now factory customized to be extremely light weight (Chinese varient to "Titanium"), to prevent beaking the firing pin tip. There is also, a soft spring in front of the tip to hold the firing pin to the rear to keep the rear of the firing pin exposed only .020 to cause the shock of the hammer drop to be taken up by the bolt and this also helps prevent firing pin failure. Plus, we designed the firing pin to be too short to fire the gun, unless the hammer is fully to the rear and the trigger is deliberetly pulled.  This is a MAJOR new safety item, when you consider all Winchester M-97's have very long and heavy, "Free Floating" firing pin that can cause an accidental discharge of a round in the chamber, even with the hammer in the 1/2 cocked "safety" position.

With the advent of cheaper/softer primers, a Winchester M-97 can fire by slamming the action closed (without even touching the trigger), because the heavy firing pin can fly forward under inertia and hit the primer hard enough to discharge the round in the chamber. For this reason alone, we have made it our duty to bring safer guns to SASS.

There are a lot of other changes to make the guns safer and far more reliable, but not enough room on this page to list everything we did to improve these guns.


What you need to look closely at is the noticably thicker frame as compared to a Winchester. This was done to make the guns far safer than any M-97 ever built. The extra weight also helps to soak up felt recoil.  Notice also, the exposed left and right extractors.

This open top was designed to push spent and stuck cartridges off of the extractors and out the EXTRACTION port.  If you try and load a live round back down the extraction port, the rim of the cartridge can get caught on the exposed extractors and the weight of the loaded round will pitch straight down and jam the gun so you have to remove the round and load the round properly.

Because we are so dead set on reliability and quality, this takes time and we are finding out that to go through one of these shotguns, takes far more time than we anticipated, therefore the expected delivery time is now approximately 5 weeks from date of order and down payment. When you submit your order, someone in our sales office will get back to you with a confirmation of your order and issue you with a selected 1 of 200 serial number and an approx delivery date.





Mod. 93/97wcse-18

Model I.A.C., M-93/97w-20 (7 shot capacity) Pump, Purchase Price                                          
Factory Tuned Action no longer available (full race by "Cap" only) $170 Included
Cut & Crowned to 18.25" (wcse has a special, shorter, thicker barrel) $30 Included
Drill & Tap Barrel & Install #4 front sight bead (Standard has #2) $15 Included
Open up Forcing Cone (all I.A.C. 97's above 3rd. gen have this included) $30 Included
Install "Win-Choke" System (Machining & Lathe work) $80 Included
Commemorative Choke Tubes - Cyl, Mod, & Super Full, stainless steel, laser engraved commemoratives, $20 ea. $60 Included
Sporting Clays Style Recoil Pad $49.50 Included
Labor, Pad installation, and/or CAS Turn Down at Heel - 4 Degrees $40 Included
American Walnut Stock Set  $125.00 Included
Insurance, test ammo and shipping ("Special Edition" and upgrades) 34.50 $34.50

Your price, delivered to your FFL holder (either model)


Your Price, For a new, "Coyote Cap Special Edition"

 M-93/97wcse-18, Delivered to your FFL Holder......$1029.50


Security Deposit is Required with each gun ordered. Balance can be paid prior to delivery. Please call in your order to (507) 685-4500          



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