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Model 87 wcse-18


Standard Model, I.A.C. M-87w-20


"Coyote Cap" Special Edition Model 1887wcse-18

These guns (and all other I.A.C. shotguns) are 1/2 American and 1/2 Chinese in manufacturing, as a huge amount of parts and tooling was shipped to China to build these guns. "wcse" stands for (American) Walnut stocks, (American) Choke tubes, (American) Special Edition, with 18" barrel and (American) Pachmayr Sporting Clays recoil pads. Because of quality controls in China, we find it absolutely necessary to go completely through each shotgun prior to shipping to your FFL holder.


Model '87 Picture

NRA M-87 NRA Model 87

The expected delivery time on a new Coyote Cap Special edition Model 87 order is more than one year from date of order placement. 

Please submit the order form below, and "Patience" in the sales office will get back to you. If you wish personalized Laser Engraving or Laser checkering, this can also be ordered with your new shotgun. Laser work is done in-house by "Mogollon Drifter".


Mod. 1887w-20

Model '87 Lever Action shotgun retail price : : : : : :                                                                          $650.00                                                          
Factory Tuned Action no longer available (shotguns will no longer be  shipped without a full action work by "Coyote Cap"). $170  
Special thicker metal barrel cut to 18.25" (wcse only) $30  
Drill and tap, install #4 front sight bead $15  
Install "Win-Choke" System (Machining & Lathe work) $80  
Choke Tubes - Cyl, Mod, & Super Full (stainless steel, laser engraved, commemoratives, normally $20 each) $60  
Sporting Clays Style Recoil Pad and Leather Lever Wrap $49.50  
Pad installation labor, and/or CAS Turn Down at Heel - 4 Degrees $40  
American Walnut Stock Set  $125  
Test ammo and flat rate, nationwide, Packing and USPS shipping $34.50  

Standard model 87w-20, plus all listed Regular Action Work Price



Security Deposit is Required with each gun ordered. Balance can be paid prior to delivery. Please call in your order to (507) 685-4500       


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