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"Coyote Cap Special Edition" Model 1887wse-18

Also called an M-99w-20 by I.A.C.

(Engraved in Gold on the left side of the frame as a tribute to my Dad)


Cap completely re-designed the model 99 double barreled shotgun, specially to his specifications as a factory tuned competition shotgun, mainly designed for use in Classic Cowboy or Frontier Cartridge category in SASS events, but can also be used in all other category and also, NCOWS (National Congress of Old West Shootists).   Every one of these new shotguns have Cap's re-designed and MUCH taller (Safety) hammers, his lower opening levers, (that clear the right hammer), he had the barrels cut much shorter (real coachgun barrels), re-designed Sporting clays recoil pads, (turned down 4-degrees neg. with a 13" LOP for CAS). Cap also commissioned each gun to sport American Walnut stocks, (from Missouri), a very large (brass) #4 front sight bead and chambers which are deliberately (and very slightly) larger than 12 gauge, (more like an 11-7/8 ga.,) to make sure even the black powder spent hulls come flying out, every time.

Additionally, and of good news to the Cowboy Action community, is that the troublesome cross-frame safety on the old model 99's has been eliminated on these new 1887wse-18 coachguns ! There are thousands of IAC, M-99's in the country, but only 200 (Coyote Cap's) without the cross frame safety. We do, however, have a small inventory of M-99's with the cross frame safety.  

These new "Coachguns" have a re-designed manual tang safety, coupled with a newly designed factory tuned rebound spring set-up, that operates as an automatic safety device on each barrel. The only way these guns can fire is if the triggers are deliberately pulled, as the automatic safety will stop the hammer at halfcock, (should your thump accidentally slip off one of the hammers).

These new shotguns can also be ordered with a barrel hold open device and full open lock-up. These are new inventions that assist the CAS shooters in two ways. 

(1). With our new "Full Open Lock", the action can be locked in the full open position, to allow you to pick the shotgun up by it's barrels without the action closing up on you. When the action closes up on you, this is causing you lost time, by having to re-open the action before you can throw two shells in. 

(2). The barrel Hold Open (now Standard equipment with each gun), Cap invented specifically to help prevent damage to your guns while being transported inside your upright gun-cart.  SASS rules state your long guns must be open while in your guncart.    What the hold open does, is to lightly hold the barrels in a slightly open position, so everyone can see the barrels are open, but the shotgun sits almost straight upright in your guncart, not swinging back and forth, banging into the other guns.

The operation of this second device does not effect the operation of the opening and closing of the barrels. The modification is designed to allow the horizontal bolt to over-ride the device as the barrels are being closed. You will not notice it is even there, (except for the audible "Click" heard as the horizontal bolt slides over the hold open device). Open the barrels very slowly and the gun will go into hold open and remain there as the weight of the gun leaning backwards holds the barrels open.

 Because Cap has decided to offer the hold open device as standard equipment, it is now included with each new shotgun, while the "Full Open Lock Up" takes quite a while to install, and thus we charge  an additional $40 to fully install this latest invention of ours.

If you would like a new "Coyote Cap 1887 Special Edition Coachguns", please scroll down to the order form, make a couple copies, fill them out, keep one and send one in. 

The price for this model is:  $789.50   Delivered to your FFL holder



Mod. 1887w-20

Mod. 1887wse-18

Double Barrel Hammer Model Coach Gun Price, (20 or 12 gauge)         $550.00 $750.00
"Coyote Cap Full Race Action" (including our new "Coyote Cap" taller safety hammers, now standard on all I.A.C. doubles, both 20 and 12 gauge) $170 Included
1/4 hold open and full Lock-Up Modifications (only if you want them) $40 has to be requested
Cut & Crowned barrels back to 18-1/4"  (Standard is 20" barrels, wse models are 18-1/4") $50 Included
Chamber and Extractor Modifications (Ensures empty shells slide out) (including funneling) $55 Included
Drill & Tap Barrel & Install #4 front sight bead (Standard has #2) $15 Included
Sporting Clays Style Recoil Pad $49.50 Included
Labor for pad installation, and/or CAS Turn Down- 4 Degrees $40.00 Included
American Walnut Stock Set   $125 Included
Shipping Insurance, test ammo and flat rate, Nationwide, Shipping & Handling $34.50 $34.50

Standard Model 1887w-20 plus Regular Action Work Price

$1129.00 $789.50

Your Price, for a new "Coyote Cap Special Edition 1887wse-18 Coachgun", Delivered to your FFL......$789.50


                                       Security Deposit is Required with each gun ordered. Balance can be paid prior to delivery. Please call in your order to (507) 685-4500