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Coyote Cap M-97wcse-18

"Competition Commemorative"


I.A.C. M-97w-20 "PC" and "St" models


We are NO LONGER sold out of the best pump shotgun CAS has ever seen. That gun was the M-97wcse-18 model and no more will be built. However, we have secured a good number of the I.A.C. M-97w-20st (Standard) and the M-97w-20 pc (Period Correct).  The PC is simply an M-93/97w-20 without the cut-out.

All of the newly produced I.A.C. M-97w-20 shotguns have all the internal upgrades of our wcse models, to include coil spring operated left extractors. The only difference is the shorter (thicker) heavy duty barrel of the wcse models, (3) choke tubes, shorter buttstock (turned down for CAS) and a Pachmayr recoil pad.

These new 2010 models can be converted to the same specs as our M-97wcse-18

These guns are now available on special order only and price at this time is $550.00 to $600.00 (depending on ordering an ST or PC), and upgrading to M-97wcse-18 specifications including full race action work cutting the buttstock back to install Pachmayr recoil pad at -4 degrees and an LOP of 13", cut and crown barrel to 18", a Marble #4 front sight and (3) Stainless Steel, (laser engraved Commemorative) choke tubes would add another $439.50 to the base prices mentioned above.

The expected delivery time on a new '97 order without upgrade to chokes tubes, recoil pad and full race action is 1 week. With the above specs, delivery is about 10 weeks.  Please call "Patience" in our sales office (507) 685-4500.


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