Uberti 1866 and 1873 Deluxe "Border" Rifles and The "Texas Brush Popper"

18 or 20 inch barrels

Reno's '66

We can install our super-slick, full race action jobs, 3rd; 4th or super-short 5th. generation short stroke kits, anodized aluminum carriers, stainless steel magazine tube springs, Stainless Steel mag tube followers, slic springs, improved sights, (both Marble Mfg,) 1880's style, full buckhorn rear sight for fast target acquisition. We couple that new rear sight with another Marble Mfg. large Ivory, 3/32" round #50-W, front sight, for the best there is !




Custom Laser Engraving and Laser Checkering by "Mogollon Drifter" in our on-site laser shop.

Call "Kitty" in the Sales Office (507) 685-4500 or the shop at 4511 for more info and pricing.


We no longer install the Marble Double Bullseye rear sight for anyone using the gun for Cowboy Action Shooting, as it has been

declared illegal to use in SASS competitions. However, we will install the sight for any other use including competition.

This sight sure helps older shooters with cataract problems or just plain poor eyesight. The statement we were given is that the sight is not a Double Bullseye at all. However, we were told by Marble, it is supposed to be a close relative of the SASS legal Full Buckhorn. Whatever, this is an excellent sight but is considered not period correct as it is more like a modern ghost ring sight than an 1880's sight.                 

   Reno_5 Reno_3

BASE PRICE , $1475 plus any extras to your FFL holder

Please call our sales office for more details, or to order one.

(507) 685-4500