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M-93/97 Article


The Shotguns of Coyote Cap

by Captain George Baylor, SASS 24287 (Life)  


The 93/97wcse-18

          According to Cap: “The M-93 (as Browning designed it), is and was a very safe gun to fire. It's only two problems being the lack of an ejector with enough power to overcome the solid carrier shell flag and spent hulls being stuck on the extractors and not being able to come out of the breech cleanly.

          “The thicker frame and open top design of the original M-93, allowed a shooter to push a stuck hull off the extractors and out the open top, by simple pushing upwards on the spent hull at the rear.”

          The rumor was started that it was a “gamer gun,” that you could drop shells in from the top.  You can’t.  In essence it just looks different, and it is probably more reliable than any ’97 out there with the possible exception of the 97wcse-18. 

          In order to prove this to myself I shot strings of 6 through both guns for a couple of boxes, the 97wcse-18 and the 93/97wcse-18 back to back, switching back and forth, using a PACT timer.  To make the long story short, my best time for each gun was within a tenth of a second of the other.  Neither malfunctioned.

          But it’s not SASS legal, and I’m not here to debate that.  I personally don’t want to see any new gun come along to upset the balance of power among SASS guns.  This, however, is not that gun.  If this were made legal, and I were shooting a category that allowed a pump, I wouldn’t feel I had to go out and buy one if I had a Coyote Cap ‘97.  I would feel I needed a good, reliable ’97, or, as Holy Terror said, “get two.”  Even the best ’97 still has a lot of critical parts.  The best, smoothest, most reliable cowboy-era pump currently available new is the M93/97 wcse-18. The 93/97 is legal for Western 3-Gun and the notoriously picky NCOWS, and 3,200 will hit America’s shores in 2006.


          If you shoot a SASS category allowing a ’97, the best out of the box ’97 is the Coyote Cap 97wcse 18.  But they’re all gone, and they won’t make any more.  If you’re buying new for SASS, get one of the standard IAC 97s and have Cap work his magic.  If you have another version of a ’97, sending it to Cap for race preparation is a really good idea.  If/when SASS changes its mind and allows the 93/97, and you’re looking for a race-ready pump, get the 93/97 wcse-18 while they are available.  They will go fast in that situation.


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