Effective immediately, Coyote Cap / Lasergraphic LLC has made the following changes - - -


My health has taken a dramatic turn and retirement is now mandatory, necessitating a move to a warmer and dryer climate in close proximity to a Mayo Clinic facility.

In accomplishing this move, I trained a new gunsmith on cowboy guns, I moved all parts inventory and customer guns to Ahlmans Inc. (NOTE) - - Ahlmans Gunshop has been in business since 1943 and just recently celebrated 75 years in the gun business. Ahlmans currently have (42) employees, (13) of which are full time gunsmiths and Ahlmans also have a huge gun parts inventory and are factory authorized warranty repair and replacement facility for almost all major firearms manufacturers.

This was a well thought out and "Good News" move for all our old Cowboy Action Shooting customers.

Ahlmans website is as follow - - - www.ahlmans.com

Ahlmans shipping address is,

Ahlmans Inc.
Cowboy Action Dept.
9525 - 230th St. W.,
Morristown, Minn. 55052

Contact people at Ahlmans are - - -
"Stacy" - - Office Manager (507) 685-4243 or 4244 - - - stacy@ahlmans.com
"Jake" - - Cowboy Action Gunsmith

These are the two people that are assigned to assist you.

This move is permanent and thus folks wishing questions answered on difficult cowboy and antique firearms will still be able to contact me at the same phone number I have had for all these years.

Martin J. "Cap" Ahlman Jr.
"Coyote Cap"
SASS Life # 14184
(507) 685-4500 (old office #)
(507) 330-0145 (i-phone cell #)


Original Coyote CapFrom the early 1940’s to the mid 1960's, if you wanted quality gun work completed to your exacting specifications and at a fair price too, the man you would call on was Martin J. Ahlman Sr., aka “Coyote Cap”.  Cap picked up that nickname back in the 1930's when he was a young man, riding the rodeo circuit. As years passed and Cap started a family, he turned to gunsmithing as a less bone breaking way of making a living. Cap was considered by friends and customers to be an artist and in the span of 25 years, Cap built over 400 "Custom" Sporting Rifles, that are prized collectors items today. He built them for African and Alaskan hunters, Movie and TV stars, and folks just like you.


Cap only knew one way of doing things, the right way or not at all. Through years of hard work and an attitude of no compromise when it came to excellence, Cap rightfully earned a worldwide reputation as a "Master" Gunsmith. The American Gunsmiths Guild voted Cap as one of the ten top gunsmiths in the United States, as a tribute to "Coyote Cap's" dedication to the difficult art of gunsmithing.

Unfortunately, Cap passed away from a heart attack in 1965, but his legacy continues today, with Ahlmans, Inc.


A Quote From M. J. "Cap" Ahlman Sr.

Born, 1913   Passed Away, 1965

""Definition of a Gunsmith""

A Gunsmith must have:

The tenacity of a bulldog

       The stubborness of a mule

       The wisdom of Solomon

    The patience of Job

              The hands of a surgeon

                    And the soul of an artist


Attention to detail is everything to us !

Nra Whittington Center M-87
NRA Model 87
Examples of our high quality workmanship is demonstrated in these photos of a Coyote Cap M-87wcse-18, completely "Competition" tuned, jeweled (Damascened) and custom engraved for the National Rifle Association.
NRA M-87


Ahlmans Inc.
Cowboy Action Dept.
9525 - 230th St. W.,
Morristown, Minn. 55052




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