Original Coyote CapFrom the early 1940’s to the mid 1960's, if you wanted quality gun work completed to your exacting specifications and at a fair price too, the man you would call on was Martin J. Ahlman Sr., aka “Coyote Cap”.  Cap picked up that nickname back in the 1930's when he was a young man, riding the rodeo circuit. As years passed and Cap started a family, he turned to gunsmithing as a less bone breaking way of making a living. Cap was considered by friends and customers to be an artist and in the span of 25 years, Cap built over 400 "Custom" Sporting Rifles, that are prized collectors items today. He built them for African and Alaskan hunters, Movie and TV stars, and folks just like you.


Cap only knew one way of doing things, the right way or not at all. Through years of hard work and an attitude of no compromise when it came to excellence, Cap rightfully earned a worldwide reputation as a "Master" Gunsmith. The American Gunsmiths Guild voted Cap as one of the ten top gunsmiths in the United States, as a tribute to "Coyote Cap's" dedication to the difficult art of gunsmithing.

Unfortunately, Cap passed away from a heart attack in 1965, but his legacy continues today, with Cap's son, Martin J. Ahlman Jr., (aka Coyote Cap, SASS 14184-L), and Grandson, Tim Ahlman aka "Mogollon Drifter" SASS 13690-LR-TG),

Coyote Cap / Lasergraphic specializes in "Custom" laser and CAS action work on ALL types of Cowboy Action Shooting firearms, plus we do Laser Engraved club trophies and badges for major matches.


We travel 12 months of the year to CAS shoots all over the country with the company mobile gunshop and Laser engraving trailers. Cap and Drifter do (FREE) "on-the-firing-line" emergency gun repairs and also custom gunsmithing and laser engraving (plus, instant badge and trophy making) at shoots. We also carry an extensive parts inventory for all CAS guns.

As a tribute to the memory of the real "Coyote Cap", we have taken on his attitude of dedication to excellence, as is evidenced by the photos on this page and other pages on this website. Our dedicated workmanship, artistry and attention to detail is earning us an International reputation with our customers and has drawn the attention of major corporations like Interstate Arms Corp, (IAC) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

As a cowboy action gunsmith, Coyote Cap was instrumental in the re-designing and modernization of several types of antique rifles, revolvers and shotguns. These are the Colt, Ruger, Marlin, Uberti, Winchester, Stoeger, Baikal and IAC. More work went into the M-99 hammered double, the original John Browning designed M-93 and M-97 hammered pump and the M-87 hammered lever action for Interstate Arms Corp.

Interstate Arms Corp built those models to our specifications with American Components, including (27) M-1901 "Prototype" 12ga, lever actions. There are now over 1,800 special edition guns in use across America and we have completed over 3,000 Competition Action Jobs on all types of Cowboy firearms, including Winchester and Uberti M-66 & M-73, Marlin M-94, Bikal BH-II, Stoger IGA, Colt, Ruger and a host of obsolete model cowboy guns.

Over years, we have tried to give back to our Nationwide SASS community as much as we could for giving us a chance at a change in our lives ! Coyote Cap / Lasergraphic has donated over 150 "Custom" firearms and countless laser engraving and action job certificates to help promote local, State, Regional, National and World Championship shooting events, the SASS Scholarship Fund, the St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital, Charity Fund, the Founders Ranch Chapel Fund, personal SASS member family tragedies and other worthy causes. All this was to continue the legacy of our Grandfather, the real "Coyote Cap".

Quality Workmanship is EVERYTHING to us and our very high standards takes a huge amount of time for each gun. Our reputation for excellence far outweighs the length of time your gun may be with us and that is what makes this so worthy and enjoyable.


We ask folks to please understand that we are not located in one spacific spot, as we work out of our mobile gunshop trailer, 12 months of the year. We want you to be as patient as you can and you will see what other customers have already seen, the wait for VERY HIGH QUALITY, will always be worth it.   If we feel confident enough with your firearm, to shoot a major match with it, THEN and only then, is it right !

At Coyote Cap / Lasergraphic, we are committed to following the legacy of Coyote Cap Sr.  We understand, everyone should expect quality at a reasonable price, and that is exactly what we deliver.


A Quote From M. J. "Cap" Ahlman Sr.

Born, 1913   Passed Away, 1965

""Definition of a Gunsmith""

A Gunsmith must have:

The tenacity of a bulldog

       The stubborness of a mule

       The wisdom of Solomon

    The patience of Job

              The hands of a surgeon

                    And the soul of an artist


July 2015 NEWS FLASH - The all new Interstate Arms Corp (IAC) M-97w-20cb (Cowboy Competition) models are in country at the IAC warehouse in Billerica, Ma. and are being delivered to selected Cowboy Action Dealers that hold a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). The serial numbers range from CB-00001 thru CB-00450 and are being shipped to FFL's as soon as all BATF paperwork and shipping documents are finalized.

Factory MSRP is set at $595 (plus insurance, Packing and shipping to your FFL). Our understanding is that a down payment is no longer required as the guns finally here and are available for shipping. Full payment is now required to secure a serial number. Once payment and FFL information is completed, an e-mail will be sent to you along with projected shipping date.

"The Cowboy Competition" models all  have the very latest upgrades to include coil spring left extractors, coil spring rebounding titanium firing pins, hour glassed and adjustible (.200) mainsprings, American Walnut stocks from Missouri, 20" (cylinder bore) competition barrels with large brass #4 front sight beads, super-strong modern steel, (tested at White Laboratory to over 44,500 psi) and manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Each has the latest competition invention called a "Double Cocker" bolt and hammer combination and because of this latest invention, (combined with (16) years of product development), these guns are the very best competiton pump shotguns available today.

They are slick, smooth, fast and indestructable right out of the box and only need to be double checked for the factory "Race Gun fine tuning" before shipping to your FFL. Get your order in ASAP, as only about 100 are left.

Thanks, "Cap"


One item that must be mentioned is the fact that these guns are designed to be handled very roughly for years and years of hard competitive use and if they are "whimped" in any way, they may not perform to full race satisfaction, so if you are not going to run it hard and beat on it, you should probably not purchase one !  That is a fact !

Also, "Mogollon Drifter" is doing Laser engraving Customization, Laser Checkering and Wild Bunch Forearms, Sporting Clays recoil pads and other custom work to these guns from his seperate mobile location, so this will add to the time delay in shipping to your FFL holder. We



NOTE: all M-93/97w-20cc models are now legal for Wild Bunch Matches and modifications can be made to close off the (M-93 look-alike extraction port), so the gun will look and operate exactly like the M-97w-20 pc.


Coyote Cap M-1901, 12ga. Prototype - (collector items as only 27 were built)

Each of these new guns are laser lettered on the left side of the frame as a prototype.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = Coyote Cap 1901 Prototype = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


These 1901 shotguns are the 70/150 cal. rifle/shotgun combination of which only 27 were hand built. Each gun comes (as standard equipment) with American Walnut stocks, laser checkered by "Mogollon Drifter", (custom laser engraving also available when purchasing). Each gun has a 20" heavy duty barrel, #4 stainless steel front sight bead, (5) choke tubes, Cyl., Mod., Super Full, Turkey & Rifled (for 12ga slugs and 70 cal. bullets) a full race action, leather lever wrap and a 1" Pachmayr Sporting Clays recoil pad, set at -4 degrees, with a 13" LOP.

The M-1901wcse-20 pt "Prototype" was designated to go into production as an M-1887,  but built on the longer framed 1901 (10ga.) design.  Each gun would then be barreled and chambered for 12ga. These are brand new, hand built at great expense, "Prototype" lever action shotguns.

They are incredibly strong, well made guns, these guns were understood to be a gun that never existed and would have been illegal under the SASS rules.   When word got to us about the SASS ban that was placed on the .44cal. rifle, that loaded like a .22, we went back to the SASS rules book and unfortunately, when re-reading the rules, all (27) of these beautiful hand built "Prototypes" had to be shelved. At that time, "Cap" went back to the Rizhao, China factory to re-design the original M-87 to be able to handle modern 2-34" ammunition, which was the basis for the reasoning in producing the M-1901, but in 12 ga. and not 10 ga. However, since that time, the SASS rules have changed and the Wild Bunch have now deemed these VERY RARE rifle/shotguns to be SASS LEGAL in all SASS Sanctioned competitions and these fine (and extremely rare), combination of rifle/shotguns can now be sold to collectors or even used in SASS competitions.

These guns cost a fortune to be hand built and because they are PRODUCTION guns and so few are in existence, each will become a very valuable collectors item.  If you want to own one, you need phone the mobile gunshop number and request a serial number be saved for you.





M1901-105 M1901-108


What you are looking at is a VERY RARE and HIGHLY MODIFIED for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY brand new M-1901wcse-18 "Prototype", (notice the straight lever, longer frame, deeper drop in the comb and top bolt mounted thumb safety), it is chambered for longer 3" Magnum Rocky Mtn. and Magtech, brass 70 Caliber bullets and 12ga shotshells and deer slugs. This gun is # 6, (of 27 that were hand built as Prototypes). This particular gun was machined to see the inside workings of the action, then hard chromed re-assembled and laser engraved. We deliberately milled out the frame as a learning tool, when doing the development work for the production (shorter framed) M-87, 12ga. We also used this gun to develop our original "Posi-Lock" system so that the magazine tube could still be loaded. We call this gun our "Air Cooled" model, which obviously is not for sale. With the use of this gun, we were able to completely re-design and trouble-shoot the actions of the popular I.A.C. 1887 lever action shotguns of today.


M1901-001                      M1901-002


M1901-003                   M1901-004


This gun actually has all (3) of our systems installed, our patented "Two Shot Feeding System", "Top Gun Mod" and "Posi-Lock", Our "Two Shot Feeding" system was factory installed on all I.A.C. M-87's from 2005 - 2009 and because some of these M-87 shotguns were sold to the general public (and not SASS members), those folks thought something was wrong with the guns, because when they closed the action VERY slowly, the action would stop at the 3/4 position ("Two Shot System") and they returned the gun under warranty when actually, nothing was wrong with the gun at all (for cowboy shooters). It was then, that I.A.C. told the factory to stop producing the "Two Shot System" and leave it out of the guns. They called those models the M-87-1 model and if you have one, you will need it upgraded to use it in SASS.

You can see more photos and a complete article about this gun and the "Posi-Lock System", by simply clicking onto our link, called "Gunsmithing Simplified".


The 70-150 cartridge first appeared on the 1888 Winchester Cartridge Boards and to our knowledge the only gun chambered for the 70-150 was a specially-built Model 1887 lever action shotgun. Unfortunately, the Winchester 1887, 70-150 "Rifle" was never put into production, however, Rocky Mtn. Cartridge Co. custom built some solid brass 3" mag cartridges that hold, 900, 925 or 950 gr. slugs that can be fired through our 6" rifled choke tube with surprising accuracy.

After laying dorment for 127 years, Coyote Cap / Lasergraphic has successfully converted a (Prototype) M-1901wcse-18, "Coyote Cap Commemorative" 12ga. shotgun to fire specially loaded 900 - 950 grain bullets through a normal shotgun barrel, into a rifled choke tube. The Coyote Cap 1901 "Prototype" can withstand a proof tested chamber and frame pressure well beyond 44,500 psi.. That rifle/shotgun now exists and in test firing a much lighter load, the 950 gr. fired slug imbedded itself 2-1/2 inches into a frozen Oak Tree. Removing the bullet proved to be quite difficult, but the bullet had mushroomed perfectly and would have taken down a Bull Elephant with only one shot.


The photos below are of action work we do for Cowboy Action Shooters. We do not compromise on quality !




Reno's '66



Attention to detail is everything to us !

Nra Whittington Center M-87
NRA Model 87
Examples of our high quality workmanship is demonstrated in these photos of a Coyote Cap M-87wcse-18, completely "Competition" tuned, jeweled (Damascened) and custom engraved for the National Rifle Association.
NRA M-87


NOTE :::::

We are experiencing medical problems that take away valuable time to work on your guns, so please be patient and understanding!

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